TryghedsGruppen; Creating value and peace of mind

TryghedsGruppen is the majority owner of the insurance company Tryg and it funds TrygFonden. We create value and peace of mind through long-term investments and philanthropic donations to benefit the public good

At the end of 2013, we administered assets totaling DKK 40 bn. These assets are based on our ownership of Tryg, our direct investments in companies and our capital management. We use part of our profit to create peace of mind for the citizens of Denmark through TrygFonden, which annually donates more than half a billion DKK. Every year, TrygFonden supports more than 700 projects for the common good throughout Denmark. From lifeguard towers to visiting dogs for the elderly at nursing homes and disease-prevention research. Focus areas are safety, health and wellbeing. The projects centre on finding solutions to societal challenges related to creating peace of mind.

Value and peace of mind through generations of insurance

The history of the insurance company Tryg goes back more than 280 years, in which Tryg has created peace of mind and value for generations of Danes. Today, the company is Denmark’s largest general insurer and the second-largest insurance company in Scandinavia, with more than three million customers in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Approximately 3,600 employees are working to make Tryg nothing short of the world’s best insurance company. Since the listing of Tryg A/S on the NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen stock exchange in October 2005, TryghedsGruppen has owned 60% of Tryg.

Long-term investments

TryghedsGruppen has a long-term responsibility to the Danish society. This applies for our work for the common good through TrygFonden as well as for our ownership of Tryg. We make long-term investments in several classes of assets, including shares and bonds. Our investments are subject to strict ethical requirements and are regularly reviewed by external experts.

TryghedsGruppen owns 49 % of the fitness group Health & Fitness Nordic and 40 % of Falck Healthcare.

Health & Fitness Nordic is a result of a merger of the strongest and most respected brands within fitness: SATS and ELIXIA. The company is the largest fitness group in Scandinavia with almost half a million members and a turnover of more than DKK 2.5 bn.

In June 2014 TryghedsGruppen’s two healthcare providers: Previa and Quick Care merged with Falck Healthcare. This made Falck Healthcare the largest Scandinavian provider of services that reduce absence from work due to sickness and help people gain access to rehabilitation services following a period of sickness. At the same time, TryghedsGruppen became a shareholder in Falck Holding A/S. 

Dynamic membership democracy

TryghedsGruppen is one of Denmark’s largest member-based companies, with more than one million members and a very active democracy among the membership. Policyholders with Tryg automatically become members. Members can take part in electing regional representatives for TryghedsGruppen Committee of Representatives and they can also stand for candidates themselves. Elections are held once a year and rotate between the five Danish regions. The 70 members of the Committee of Representatives have influence on donations by TrygFonden and on TryghedsGruppen’s articles of association, strategies, investments and the composition of the Board of Directors. Management of TryghedsGruppen takes place as interplay between the three management levels: the Committee of Representatives, the Board of Directors and the Executive Management.


  • At the end of 2014 total assets amounted to about DKK 40 bn.
  • 20 % return on equity
  • 60 % of the insurance company Tryg A/S is owned by TryghedsGruppen
  • 2,7 mill. people from Denmark, Norway and Sweden are customers of Tryg A/S
  • TrygFonden’s annual donations DKK amount to 1/2 bn.


TryghedsGruppen has a 60 percent shareholding in Tryg.

Tryg is Denmark’s largest and Scandinavia’s second-largest non-life insurance company. Our majority ownership of Tryg is one of our major activities, as this forms the basis for our efforts to create value and provide peace of mind for Danes. 

• Provides jobs for 3,300 employees
• Has 3 million customers – including approx. 1 million in Denmark
• Had a turnover of DKK 18 billion in 2016.


TryghedsGruppen owns 4 percent of Falck.

Falck delivers healthcare and rescue services across the entire globe. Falck has the world’s largest international ambulance fleet. And with fire-fighting services in several countries worldwide, Falck is also the world’s largest provider of fire services. 

• Employs 38,000 people -  including 13,000 in Denmark.
• Falck has business activities in 46 countries on six continents. 
• Had a turnover of almost DKK 16 billion in 2016.

Falck Healthcare

TryghedsGruppen owns 40 percent of Falck Healthcare.

Falck Healthcare is a market-leading healthcare provider in the fields of prevention, treatment and rehabilitation in Denmark and the Nordic region. 

Falck Healthcare:
• Employs 8,000 healthcare professionals and runs more than 250 clinics.
• Provides healthcare coverage to over 3 million people in Scandinavia.
• Has a turnover of more than DKK 2.6 billion. Turnover rose by 8.8 percent in 2016.

Health & Fitness Nordic

TryghedsGruppen owns 49 percent of Health & Fitness Nordic (HFN).

HFN is the largest health and fitness group in the Nordic region. TryghedsGruppen, together with the private equity firm Altor, established HFN following a merger between the three fitness chains: SATS, Elixia and Fresh Fitness. 

• Has more than 540,000 members.
• Operates over 200 centres.
• Has a turnover of approx. DKK 3.1 billion.

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