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About TryghedsGruppen

We are part of the Tryg family. We are dedicated to creating value and to promoting greater safety in society.

TryghedsGruppen is the majority shareholder in the insurance company Tryg, and is responsible for funding TrygFonden.

Each year TryghedsGruppen typically distributes in excess of DKK 500 million to projects promoting safety, health and well-being. In 2020, that figure will reach DKK 650 million.

More than one million people in Denmark are insured through Tryg, and are therefore members of TryghedsGruppen. TryghedsGruppen pays an annual bonus to its members. In 2019 the bonus amounted to approx. DKK 925 million.

The Board is composed of 70 members who have been democratically elected
TryghedsGruppen is governed by a Board of Representatives. The Board is composed of 70 members who have been democratically elected in the five Danish regions among the members in the region. Decisions regarding overall strategy, frameworks for financial distributions, as well as the level of bonus payments to members, are made by the Board of Representatives.

In addition to a majority shareholding in Tryg, where TryghedsGruppen holds 60% of shares, TryghedsGruppen has assets under management, as well as investments in the companies Falck, Falck Healthcare and Health & Fitness Nordic.

Over the past five years, TryghedsGruppen has delivered average return on equity of 9 %.

Our investments

TryghedsGruppen manages its wealth through asset management and by investing directly in companies to achieve the best possible return on investment in the long term, while ensuring minimal risk of permanent loss. All our investments are made to align with our set of ethical guidelines.
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